Spend Less and Be Happier With What You Have

Today I just want to drop in a quick note. I have always been very interested in the minimalist ideas and simple lifestyle. I myself have never committed fully to it but I believe that there is a lot to learn from cleaning your life from clutter.

As this New Year is still in its youth I want to make a commitment to clean my life, apartment and finances from unnecessary clutter. I would love to document some of this on the blog as well. Life has been busy lately and I have not been posting with much consistency but I will try my best to show changes I have done and how it all works out!

What I’ve done so far this year to change financially. I have started contributing more money to my Student Loans of which I have approximately $30,000 to pay off and plan to pay it off in four years. I also have cancelled the Data on my phone plan, saving $15 a month and change my Gym Membership which saved $80 a month.

Hoping that your having a great start to your year as well!  Happy tax filing, hopefully you have already filed!


4 thoughts on “Spend Less and Be Happier With What You Have

  1. I’m really interested to see how you make changes to meet your new goals. Paying off debt is the best thing you can do to increase wealth and stabilize your finances. However, if you don’t already have an emergency savings fund, you should get that set up first. If you already have your emergency savings, then you are already ahead of the game.

    Good luck, I will be following along.

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  2. Thank you Tim! Upon graduating College last year my Student Loan Debt has been TOP priority! My wife and I immediately set up our Emergency Fund with a month’s wages and have been attempting to pad that a bit more as we hope to move from Michigan to Seattle this summer. That student loan debt is my only debt but I can’t say adios to it all and be able to put more money into saving and investing! I’ll be moving this blog a little bit to focus more on my personal journey as well as personal financial advice! I will be reading your Blog as well!



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